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Thursday, February 24, 2005

David Virtue's Report

I don't know if he is accurate, but David Virtue is reporting from Northern Ireland that ECUSA will be disciplined by the world-wide Anglican Communion. There will be a formal press conference about 1:30PM Central Time on Friday. Here is Virtue's report, hot off the WWW presses:

NEWRY, Northern Ireland (2/24/205)--The Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada could face suspension from the Anglican Communion, 35 Primates have decided in closed door meetings at the Dromantine center a secluded Roman Catholic retreat house. Disciplinary action has been taken, and the two provinces' membership is under review following their actions over gay ordinations and same sex blessings. After three days of open, honest and very frank discussion by the Primates, VirtueOnline was told that the Primates had "reached a conclusion." Both provinces could face suspension at the end of three months if they fail to implement the recommendations of the Windsor Report. If they do not repent of their actions for consecrating an openly homosexual priest to the episcopacy, agree to a moratorium on consecrating future gay clergy and performing same sex rites, a "divorce" will be finalized by the end of May. Furthermore, ECUSA Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold has been banned from attending any future Primatial meetings unless the Episcopal Church agrees to accept the Windsor Report recommendations. Sources inside the Dromantine Center told VirtueOnline that the Anglican Consultative Council has been told that they cannot invite Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold to any future gatherings if the status quo remains.VirtueOnline can also confirm that Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan leader of the Anglican Communion Network is in the area and he and the American Anglican Council will be hosting a dinner for the majority of the Primates at the end of their historic, epoch-making conference. A number of the Primates have been fasting at the Dromantine Center, and last night, following the decision by the Primates, one primate was heard to say, "I shall now take my first meal." While Presiding Bishop Griswold was allowed to preach at the Belfast cathedral last Sunday, Presiding Bishop Greg Venables of the Southern Cone was refused permission by the Archbishop of Armagh, Robin Eames to preach in a large evangelical parish.Earlier in the week the orthodox primates of the Anglican Communion had refused to share in a common Eucharist with those whom they believe have abandoned apostolic faith and practice. A formal communiqué with more recommendations will be presented to the media Friday, 5.30pm here in Newry.For more stories about this history making conference go to www.virtueonline.org.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Virtue is not what I would call a credible news source. He and I may agree on some things, but for news, he is not reliable.


2:47 PM  
Blogger texanglican said...

I concur that Mr. Virtue sometimes relies on sources that prove not to be as reliable as one would hope. Hence my warning to wait until the official communique tomorrow afternoon. But hopefully real decisions with actual time tables for action and significant consequences will follow. We have had quite enough "wait until ..." on these issues.

5:47 PM  

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