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Sunday, September 18, 2005

++Venables Says Alexandria Will Not Split AC

It appears that my hesitation about accepting press reports on the upcoming Alexandria meeting at face value was warranted. Archbishop Greg Venables, who leads much of the Anglican Church in South America, denies that a formal split in the Anglican Communion is in the cards at the meeting. Here is a quote from the Church Times:

Speaking from Buenos Aires on Tuesday, Bishop Venables said that the meeting of Global South leaders was not an official meeting of the Anglican Communion, but "very definitely" a private meeting for those invited. Whatever was being said in England because of civil partnerships, there was no talk of separation from England and Canterbury.

He said: "The rampant rumours and assumptions that the Anglican Communion will fracture in Egypt and be reconstituted in a different form at our upcoming Global South meeting are not in any way founded on reality. Apart from any other consideration, they fail to take into account the fact that a structural change of this magnitude in the Communion would have to be approved by each provincial synod around the world. There is great resolve and commitment to move forward in a way that is consistent with historic teaching and discipline, but it is not as simple as just having a small number of leaders make a declaration. Rest assured that, although Anglican leaders will doubtless act and speak clearly in Egypt, 50 or more years of conflict will not be resolved in the week we spend there."


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