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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Orthodox Primates on Alexandria

Anglican TV has a "must see" interview with Archbishops Orombi and Venables (my own primate at present) from Alexandria. Click on "primate meeting debriefing" on the side bar. It is forty-four minutes long, but PLEASE watch all the way to the end. There are, btw, some editing problems. There are two lengthy bits (several minutes long) repeated in the middle of the recording, but do please view the whole thing through to the end.

This interview helps to put the orthodox primates' endorsement of a remarkably weak Communique in perspective. I will have some in-depth reflections of my own in a another post in a few hours, but for now view the interview and read the Communique.


Anonymous robroy said...

I saw the interview. Their synopsis is starkly different from the communique. (But isn't it nice to have leaders of the church who unashamedly Christian.)

But assent to the communique was supposedly unanimous. Why would these two gentleman sign a document with the "no proselytization" footnote and the statement that Communion partners and Ms Schori's Episcopal visitor plan (which has no participants and never will because it was a half baked scheme thrown out after she flipped off the communion by rejecting the DeS scheme) are "sufficient" for the disaffected in the TEClub???

See the response of the AAC here and from David Phillips of the Church Society here.

8:00 PM  

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