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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another Positive Sign of Roman/Orthodox Co-operation

Pope Benedict and Patriarch Alexy of Moscow recently exchanged letters that highlight recently improved relations between Rome and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. According to Zenit:

The Holy Father said in his letter that "the gestures and words of renewed fraternity between the shepherds of the Lord's flock indicate that an increasingly more intense collaboration in truth and charity contribute to enhance the spirit of communion, which must guide the steps of all baptized" persons. "The contemporary world needs to hear voices," he said, "that point out the path of peace, of respect of all, of condemnation of all violence, of the superior dignity of every person and of his rights."

Patriarch Alexy II requested that Cardinal Etchegaray take a letter to the Holy Father, as well as a pectoral cross, like that worn by bishops, as a gesture of gratitude and esteem. In his message, the patriarch acknowledged that "in our time, in which secularism is developing rapidly, Christianity faces grave challenges that need a common testimony." The patriarch continued: "I am convinced that one of the main tasks for our Churches, which possess a common vision on numerous current problems of the contemporary world, must be today the defense and affirmation of Christian values in society. I hope that this will also contribute to the rapid solution of the problems that exist between the two Churches."


Blogger Mimi Catherine Chen said...

Hm, The Roman Catholic church is truely becoming catholic! and Big! anythoughts?

5:50 PM  
Blogger texanglican said...

Good day, Mimi. I posted these remarks on Othodox/RC relations precisely because the concerns that the Eastern Orthodox have with the see of Rome are virtually identical to those of traditional Anglo-Catholic Anglicans such as myself. If the Vatican could acheive rapprochement with Constantinople, Moscow, etc., the impediments to reunion between Rome and Anglican folks like us in the diocese of Ft. Worth would largely disappear. Let us pray that Pope Benedict and the leaders of the eastern Churches will act wisely and quickly to achieve such unity, that we all may be one as the Son and the Father are One.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Mimi Catherine Chen said...


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