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Friday, June 30, 2006

PB-elect Schori on NPR

For anyone who doubts that the newly elected Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church is a dedicated partisan of the left in the present crisis, take a look at the quotes from her interview yesterday with Diane Rehm on NPR. And remember, she was almost certainly trying to be "diplomatic" during her turn in the national spotlight. Some highlights:

On dioceses threatening to “leave the church”:
The diocese as an entity is a creature of General Convention and unless and until General Convention gives consent for them to leave it simply represents the departure of a few individuals. RWF translation: Even if a bishop, standing committee, and duly-called diocesan covention vote to leave the Episcopal Church, I can simply declare the see and standing committee vacant, call a new diocesan convention made up of the Schori-loyal rump that remains behind (no matter how small), and have the new loyalist bishop I consecrate litigate for all the property in the diocese under the Dennis Canon.

On gay and lesbian people in the life of the Episcopal Church:
We have been ordaining gay persons in this church for years and years … in recent years they have been able to be open about their sexual orientation and honest about that -- I don’t see any retreat from that among deacons and priests … I think we will experience at least a pause in the consecration of bishops who are openly gay and that makes me very sad because I believe that God equally calls people of both sexual orientations to leadership in this church. I firmly believe that gay and lesbian Christians bless us all by their presence and that we need to continue to work at finding a way to include them in all aspects of the community’s life.

On General Convention’s response to the Windsor Report in B033: It is the Episcopal Church’s response at the current moment – I don’t think it represents a final response -- it opens the door to the next stage of conversation. I think many of us were disappointed that it came to that. My sense was that it was the most we were going to be able to manage at that late hour in the convention … convention makes policy, it doesn’t rule on matter of doctrine, and those policies are routinely reversed and revised every three years. I think it is a pause – I do not see it as slamming the door – I think it is an unfortunate way of inviting us into the next chapter of the conversation.

On the blessing of same-sex relationships: When a priest agrees to preside at the wedding of a heterosexual couple that priest uses his or her best judgment that this couple is capable of a sacramental relationship. The priest is never “certain” of that -- but the priest lives in hope that that is a real possibility – and then the couple themselves act as ministers of the sacrament -- the priest is only there to pronounce the blessing. And I think that thinking about it in that way may help us all to see the possibility for any couple to enter into a faithful, life-long relationship.


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