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Monday, November 20, 2006

Some Initial Comments from the Global South Reps

A statement has been issued by the four Primates who met with Bishops Duncan, Iker, et al last week in Virginia regarding Alternative Primatial Oversight. While it says little substantive, it does convey that they are highly sympathetic to the plight of the orthodox within the Episcopal church. It may be read here. I have highlighted some important passages below:

The Global South Steering Committee, at the request of the Global South Primates, recently met with bishops and representatives of eight Anglican Communion Network Dioceses who have appealed to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Global South Primates for various forms of Alternative Primatial Oversight. Representatives of other Windsor-compliant Dioceses and the more than one hundred congregations that are now separated from the Episcopal Church also joined us.

Respective presentations were received expressing the increasingly difficult and, in some cases, untenable situations in which they attempt to live out apostolic faith and historic order. We were distressed to hear of the legalistic and autocratic environment in which some now find themselves as they seek to remain faithful Anglicans within The Episcopal Church.

The Steering Committee will be making its report and recommendation to the Global South Primates when they next meet and will also be sharing them with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Deeply touched by the oftentimes painful and gravely disconcerting testimonies that we heard, the Global South Steering Committee feels morally and spiritually compelled to reassert its deepest solidarity with these orthodox and faithful bishops and representatives.

We express our unequivocal support and heartfelt recognition for their faithful stand and struggles. We urge all faithful members and parishes of these concerned dioceses to remain steadfast in their commitment to Christ as our one and only Lord and Savior during these turbulent days. We will do all in our power to bring about the desired outcome of the “Windsor process” so that the refined global Anglican Communion can be faithful to its vocation as part of the “One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic” Church.

May God bless the deliberations of the Global South Primates and the "refinement" of the Anglican Communion.


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It's about to get a whole lot better.

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