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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rev. David Roseberry's Essay on Leaving the Episcopal Church

Stand Firm has published a very fine essay by the Rev. David Roseberry, rector of Christ Church, Plano, on that congregation's decision to leave the Episcopal church (even though their diocese is a Network diocese). I found it well worth the ten minutes it took me to read it, and await his next essay on what the future may hold for his parish and North American Anglicanism. One highlight (emphasis added):

Frankly, I had hoped I could have stayed within the Episcopal Church. The battle for the soul of ECUSA is also a major battle in the culture. Anyone with children knows how terribly worrisome and treacherous it is to raise children in a culture with so much sexual brokenness. If the Windsor Report had not been rejected (which it was) and the MDG not been embraced whole hog (which they were) I would still be an Episcopal priest. I would have stayed for Round 4 or 5 or whatever the next General Convention would have been. It is (was) a battle worth engaging. But what the PB-elect showed me [at GC 2006], and what I should have realized beforehand, is this: The sexually permissive agenda of ECUSA is not an isolated aberration of teaching or practice. It is the outworking of a whole package of Biblically hostile, intellectually sloppy and historically arrogant thinking that has taken over the Episcopal Church. The new PB sounded like a Gnostic - a la the Da Vinci Code - because her theology, perspectives and priorities are not rooted in the old revelation but in the "new thing" that we keep hearing about.


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