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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Network Is On-Board With Kenya's Move

Yet more evidence that the move by Kenya is not a problem for future plans for a new orthodox province is provided by this announcement from the ACN.

According to the Network's statement (emphasis added), the new Bishop Atwood "joins Bishop Bill Cox of the Southern Cone as another domestic bishop cooperating in ministry with the Network, which has strong links with many international congregations under overseas jurisdiction through its International Conference. The Network welcomes Archbishop Nzimbi’s actions which also support its “Biblical, Missionary and Uniting” work.

“Anglicans around the world continue to make clear their support for Christ-centered Anglicanism in America in both their words and their actions. We are deeply thankful for this step by the Anglican Church of Kenya. As Archbishop Nzimbi said in his announcement, Canon Atwood’s election and consecration is ‘part of a broader and coordinated plan with other provinces,’ to provide unity and pastoral care for those who have left or been forced out of The Episcopal Church,” said Bishop Robert Duncan, moderator of the Network.

The Anglican Communion Network remains committed to its International Conference representing parishes in relationship with the provinces of Kenya, Uganda, Southern Cone, and Central Africa as it also remains committed to working with its partners in CANA, AMiA and the broader Common Cause Partnerships. Following its mission to be a uniting force in the ongoing Anglican realignment, the Network continues to build relationships among all faithful Anglicans, those that have left the Episcopal Church and those within."

Not surprisingly, CANA is also 100% on-board with Kenya's move. As Bishop Minns of CANA said, “I look forward to continuing to work with Bill in his new role. I anticipate that this development will result in new creative partnerships with CANA and the wider Common Cause cooperative.”

With CANA, the Network, and six overseas provinces backing the action, this is not some small "break-away" or "schismatic" action. It is part of the wider Anglican re-alignment we have been awaiting for years. I know that the "Communion conservatives" of the ACI will decry this move, but the more I read the more excited I become. Things are finally developing to fruition. The re-alignment is gathering steam!


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