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Friday, September 07, 2007

Fort Worth Comments on the Continuing Realignment

Yesterday Bishop Iker of Fort Worth released a statement (in his always clear and concise prose) about the continuing realignment of the Anglican Communion and our diocese's commitment to remain part of orthodox Anglicanism should TEC finalize its movement out of the fold by rejecting the requests of the primates in the Dar Es Salaam Communique in two weeks at New Orleans.

The key texts to my mind are the following (boldfaced emphasis added by me):

As you know, in March the House of Bishops voted down a very workable proposal for alternative primatial oversight that the Primates’ Meeting had offered to provide for our expressed needs, and no other alternative plan has been suggested. This resulted in the declaration that the Standing Committee and I made on May 16th that we would now have to pursue our original appeal for APO – an appeal that was supported by an overwhelming majority vote at our Diocesan Convention last year – independent of the structures of The Episcopal Church. We have had some very encouraging meetings and conversations over the summer months with a number of Bishops and dioceses and Primates and Provinces that share our concerns and our commitment to Christian orthodoxy. The Archbishop of Canterbury has been kept informed of these developments. More about this will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead.

as well as:

By the end of this month, the House of Bishops will have decided the future direction of TEC, and as a result we too will have to declare our future as a diocese. I do not expect that TEC will comply with the requests of the Primates in their Dar es Salaam Communiqué. In that case, we will see further fraction and division in the Communion during the months ahead. We will then have to choose in favor of the Anglican Communion majority at the expense of our historic relationship with the General Convention Church.

The entire statement may be read on the bishop's official page here.

As I read it we are no more than a month away from catching our first glimpse of the new North American province, should TEC refuse to repent and amend its ways in New Orleans by completely accepting the DES requests and granting the appellant dioceses genuine APO apart from PB Schori's oversight and jurisdiction. (May God work on the hearts of TEC's bishops to do so--fully, and without further equivocation. Amen.)


Blogger Douglas said...

Deacon Foster,

I have enjoyed your blog. However, I must finally jump in and say...you must leave PECUSA. How can you continue to justify a desire for Orthodoxy while maintaining a connection to an organization that abandoned Orthodoxy long ago? PECUSA invalidated their orders when they ordained women. They solidified their heresy by "consecrating" a homosexual bishop.

Your own bishop, while attempting valiantly to maintain a semblance of Orthodoxy, cannot prevail within - not only PECUSA - but also the Anglican Communion at large. Canterbury is no longer Orthodox. Your only options are Rome, Constantinople, Antioch or the continuing Anglican churches.

I have found my home within the ACC - the largest (by far) of the traditional Anglican churches.

Please let me know if I can talk to you further about this.

8:21 PM  

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