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Sunday, July 20, 2008

An Apocalyptic Break from Lambeth News

Sandi Patti. I love this song. (Though admittedly the quality of this homebrew video is not much to write home about!).

As the parishioners of St. Vincent's who have to endure my sermons will attest, my personal theology is deeply apocalyptic. How many priests of the diocese of Fort Worth would say the same? Hmmm.


Anonymous robroy said...

Thought you might like this as well if you like Sandi Patty:

This is a very pretty instrumental version of Via dolorosa on steel drum.

Sandi Patty's version is here.


6:50 AM  
Blogger texanglican said...


8:04 AM  
Blogger Robin G. Jordan said...

Am I correct in assuming that the 2008 Lambeth Conference no longer grips your attention? You are no longer hanging on Rowan's every word?

What about tomorrow's report from the Windsor Continuation Group? One source was quoted as saying that it "contains 'sober realism' about the crisis threatening to split the Anglican Communion." It is supposed to be "equally critical of conservative primates who are 'poaching' evangelical congregations from the US church by illicitly consecrating of bishops to serve them."
Aren't you going to be on tender hooks waiting to hear the latest pronouncements?

Personally I wish that they would do some poaching in my neck of the woods. Unfortunately, there are no evangelical congregations to poach. All the Episcopal churches in this part of western Kentucky are High Church and very, very liberal, as are all the churches in the Diocese of Kentucky to my knowledge. May be they could poach a few Methodist congregations unhappy with the developments in that denomination. Or Baptist congregations hankering to "walk the Canterbury trail." I have serious doubts that anyone wants to walk in that direction these days.

Perhaps your post, Randall, explains my own inclination to read articles and blog entries on the Lambeth Conference while listening to Richard Wagner's works on the gotterdamerung, 'the twighlight of the gods."

10:54 AM  

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