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Friday, July 18, 2008

More on Evangelicals and Anglo-Catholics

Deacon David Ould in Sydney, NSW, Australia has an interesting report on a meeting of very conservative Evangelicals he attended yesterday. He points with surprise to the supportive tone of people he calls "uber-Puritans" toward Anglo-Catholics. Give his report, and the extensive comments at Stand Firm, a read. It does seem that both sides are trying to treat one another with increased respect and tolerance in the aftermath of GAFCON. That is a development I strongly support!

An excerpt from Deacon Ould: What intrigued me in all these answers was that this came from a panel of very conservative evangelicals. They are all abundantly clear on where they think Anglo-Catholicism is defective yet they spoke with great support of their Anglo-Catholic brethren. It was surprising but worth reporting that right in the bastion of the ├╝ber-Puritans there was a real willingness to hold solidarity with the Anglo-Catholics.


Blogger Father Nelson said...

Australian evangelicals are extremely supportive of Anglo-Catholics. They disagree with them wholeheartedly, but are supportive nonetheless.

The American scene is sadly, very different, I must say. The ordination of women has driven a wedge between us. For many American evangelicals WO is a non-negotiable and they defend it just as vehemently as they reject SSBs, etc.

If you ask me, the reason is that they have employed an essentially Lutheran hermeneutic with regard to the NT, something that is also present among Aussie evos, with the exception that, at least in Sydney, WO is nonexistent.

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