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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bishop Iker's Excellent Response to Alexandria

Bishop Iker has responded to the Communique produced at the Alexandria primates' meeting with his usual clarity and concision. Read it all here.

In his letter the bishop makes it clear that ACNA's plans for this summer are still entirely on track. The constitutional convention will still take place here at St. Vincent's Cathedral in June and ACNA will become a fully functioning reality. Thanks be to God!

Here are some crucial highlights from the bishop's letter, with emphasis added by me:

After hearing some of the comments made about the Alexandria meeting by GAFCON Primates, I have come to the conclusion that reading the Communiqué is not sufficient for understanding what actually transpired during the course of the meeting itself. Evidently the document released by the Primates does not tell the whole story. If Archbishops Greg Venables and Henry Orombi are encouraged and hopeful about what will come of all this, then so am I. Time will tell. ...

[The Communique's note 11 says] “Any scheme developed would rely on an undertaking from the present partners to ACNA that they would not seek to recruit and expand their membership by means of proselytisation.” I assume this is intended to protect the Communion Partners Fellowship from the further loss of additional parishes and clergy, but no such guarantee can be given. It is not at the initiative of ACNA, but of individuals and congregations in TEC that such losses are likely to continue. ACNA is a missionary movement, but it is not interested in sheep stealing from our Communion Partner friends. We will not recruit, but neither can we turn away those who come to us seeking refuge and membership. ...

[From point 3:] It must be noted that it is not ACNA that is causing the divisions, but TEC. The Communion is going to have to respond to the reality that there are going to be two jurisdictions in the USA and Canada, one that complies with the rest of the Communion and the other that does not. ...

In paragraph 12, the Primates state that “it is imperative that further aggravation and acts which cause offence, misunderstanding or hostility cease.” I sincerely hope this is possible; I am all for a ceasefire and reconciliation. But it appears to me that two things are certain: ACNA will be formed in June to chart a way forward for orthodox Anglicans in North America, and the General Convention of TEC will meet in July to do what it must do. I see no realistic chance of reconciliation between these two bodies on the horizon, but rather a continuation of the “deep differences and disrupted relationships” that have torn the fabric of the Communion at its deepest level. Nonetheless, we place our hope and trust in Jesus Christ alone for what the future might hold for our beloved church – which is His, not ours.

Read it all here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is all well and nice, but what about his views on the Anglican Synod's banning BNP membership?

It seems like the Roman Catholic Pope and our beloved Anglican Synod seems to be taking orders not from God's book, but from the Jews and marxist multiculturalism agenda.

What the heck...Is there any real christianity left? Or should we just pass out the PreperationH instead of wafers as our clerics screw its people..

Not that I am bitter nor angry.

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