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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Major Ruling in DioFort Worth Court Case!!!

The judge has ruled that we had a right to withdraw from TEC last year!!! TEC's alleged "Diocese of Fort Worth" is not the same corporation that has been the diocese for the last 25 years, which still continues to exist under Bishop Iker!

Read it all here!



Anonymous Jill C. said...

Thanks be to God and hooray! :)

8:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fr. Foster, we pray now that you will prevail on all fronts.
I am trusting God that Ft. Worth will be an example to all..
October 15 (the next hearing) is my 72nd B-day... I will pray 72 prayers for the Lord to Bless you ALL.

Grannie Gloria

8:32 PM  
Blogger LSP said...

Very good news and setting up to be a landmark ruling - still, its not over yet, so lets keep the prayers going.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Paul Powers said...

Father Foster, I'm a little confused. All the actual ruling says is that the plaintiffs' attorneys, Kathleen Wells and Jonathan D. F. Nelson do not represent "the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and the Corporation of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth that is associated with Bishop Iker." The ruling itself (as opposed to comments from the bench) doesn't address the issue of whether the diocese could leave TEC. Nor should it have addressed that issue because it would be going beyond the scope of a Rule 12 motion.

In football terms, Team Iker has made at best a first down. But nobody has put points on the scoreboard, and we're still in the first quarter.

11:32 PM  
Blogger texanglican said...

Ah, Mr. Powers, while technically you are correct that this rule 12 motion ruling deals only with which attorney's can represent which corporation, the very logic of the ruling cuts hard in favor of Bishop Iker's diocese. Our attorneys can now be sure of a favorable hearing in court on a host of new motions. For example, does Bishop Gulick's diocese have any standing in this suit at all? +Gulick's organization is not in continuity with the FW diocese that has existed here since 1983 (this continuity belongs to Bishop Iker and his leadership team), the court has found (and this is clearly the basis for this ruling even if it's express wording is limited and terse). Yet TEC's GenCon has not admitted a new DioFW in the last year. So these folks bringing suit on behalf of TEC claiming our property cannot even actually be a diocese of TEC! (Remember, TEC insists that only GenCon and create a diocese, and +Gulick's "diocese" has never been admitted by that august body! Hoist on their own petard, it seems.) Look for a host of new motions to be filed in the wake of this ruling attacking every aspect of TEC's case. You can bet the phone call by Ms. Wells to NYC yesterday afternoon was not a cheerful one. It is going to get exciting around here now, that is certain.

At the least, perhaps this ruling and its inevitable consequences will lead PB Schori to abandon her "all or nothing" approach and negotiate a reasonable property division in good faith (which is all we have wanted from day one). It would save everyone a great deal of money and let us all move on.

So I guess you are right. This is still the first quarter, but Bishop Iker's team just raced down the field with little standing in their way to the end zone and several of the other teams best players have been knocked out of the game. It's not over, but TEC has got a very tough road ahead it now on their way to taking all of our churches away from their congregations.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Tom B. said...


7:35 PM  
Anonymous Ann McCarthy said...

I was very glad to hear this. I had a feeling that the judge would not be sympathetic to their case. Will keep praying that the rest of the case goes well.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Gary said...

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9:57 AM  
Blogger Julian said...

Can we look forward to more videoblogging in the future?

12:05 PM  

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