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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New York Meeting Ends in Gridlock

It comes as no surprise that nothing meaningful was agreed upon at the summit meeting that just concluded in NYC. This is how the communique from the Anglican Communion Office puts it:

We had honest and frank conversations that confronted the depth of theconflicts that we face. We recognized the need to provide sufficient space, but were unable to come to common agreement on the way forward. We could not come to consensus on a common plan to move forward to meet the needs of the dioceses that issued the appeal for Alternate Primatial Oversight. The level of openness and charity in this conference allow us to pledge to hold one another in prayer and to work together until we have reached the solution God holds out for us.

I am not sure what this "working together" between Bishops Iker and Schori might look like in future if the present meeting came to nought, but time will tell I suppose. It looks to me like we are still at square one. The revisionists at national headquarters will not willingly let the orthodox go their own way.

Now for the Camp Allen meeting.


Blogger Julian said...

You know, this all sounds so oddly familiar ... something we hear in Taiwan about "One country, two systems"? :-)

11:38 AM  

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