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I am a presbyter in the diocese of Fort Worth, Texas (Anglican Church in North America). I serve as Chaplain at St. Vincent's School and as a canon of St. Vincent's Cathedral Church in Bedford, Texas. In addition to my parish duties and teaching Religion classes in the school I am also the Middle School Social Studies teacher.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Finished Product

For those who have followed the progress of the second floor of St. Vincent's School here over the summer, I thought I would show you the finished product. There are a couple of whiteboards yet to hang in classrooms, but this is pretty much the finished product. (Click on the picture for a larger image.)
The hall still looks just a bit bare, but there will soon be an original watercolor of St. Thomas Becket's martyrdom (painted by Fr. J. Gordon Anderson, the APA priest who publishes the Continuing Anglican Churchman blog) hanging outside the chaplain's office. That's my father, R.D. Foster, standing in the hall. He's a frequent photographic contributor to this blog.
The stairwells are even attractive now!
And this is how the new chaplain's office turned out. Starting this Friday I will be scheduling individual visits for "ghostly counsel" with all the students of the sixth through ninth grades.

Finally, the higher ups seemed to have shared my feeling that the advertisement that I posted here last week, while quite good for our upper school, did not call attention to our lower school. As a result, the ad below will also be running this year:
It is an exciting time to be at St. Vincent's School!


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