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Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Preview of Things to Come in Fort Worth?

Townsend Waddill reports on the Synod of the Diocese of Quincy, a diocese with many of the same theological commitments as the my own. It is noteworthy that they have apparently been able to defeat efforts to "water down" orthodox statements and resolutions with relative ease, boding well for the future. (We'll have to wait to for the final Here is Waddill's report:

Notes from Quincy Synod, Day One

The first day of the Synod of the Diocese of Quincy has truly been a remarkable and holy occasion, especially for someone coming from the Diocese of Florida, where every convention is a dog fight.

I, as I mentioned earlier on Titusonenine, arrived late due to some things I had to take care of at Nashotah, but when I arrived, the synod was voting on the resolutions and doing so with relative ease. There were two resolutions of note: The first was a resolution (apparently a continuation from a prior convention) that was a withdrawal of the Diocese of Quincy from Province V. It passed with relatively little fireworks. The second was a resolution commending the Kigali Communique of the Global South Primates’ Meeting, which included a clause to begin steps toward the formation of what will be hopefully be recognized as a separate ecclesiastical structure of the Anglican Communion in the USA. A group stood up to amend the resolution to water down the language, but the amendment was defeated soundly. The resolution appeared to pass fairly strongly among those who were still in the Synod hall near 5:00 this afternoon. However, since some of the clergy and lay delegates left to sing in the choir, the porters were to collect their votes as well and the vote will be announced in the morning. I will report the final tally tomorrow, but I believe the resolution will pass. The text of the second resolution (2006-RM-7) is at the end of this report. ...

Text of Resolution 2006-RM-7:

Resolution 2006-RM-7
Regarding the Kigali Communiqué, APO, and the Creation of a New American Province

RESOLVED that this 129th Synod of the Diocese of Quincy, gathered at St. Paul’s Cathedral, October 20, 2006, receives with sincere gratitude the Communiqué issued September 22, 2006, by the Global South gathering in Kigali, Rwanda, with thanks for their leadership and pastoral concern. In particular, we welcome and endorse these recommendations from the Communiqué which directly relate to our present situation as a Diocese:

1. That the Global South Steering Committee meet with the leadership of the dioceses requesting Alternative Primatial Oversight, in consultation with the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Network and the ‘Windsor Dioceses’, to develop a proposal identifying the ways which the requested Primatial oversight can be adequately provided [paragraph 10.a].
2. That at the meeting of the Primates in February, 2007, a bishop chosen by the Network dioceses be invited to participate fully so that the Primates may listen to the voice of our dioceses during their deliberations [paragraph 10.b].
3. That steps begin towards the formation of what will be recognized as a separate ecclesiastical structure of the Anglican Communion in the USA [paragraph 10.c].

And be it further,

RESOLVED that the Diocese of Quincy reaffirms the commitment made by our 126th Synod (2003 Resolution RM-3-D), to move forward with the realignment of the Communion in order to preserve a faithful, orthodox Anglican Province within the United States, working together with all bishops, dioceses, congregations, and Provinces of the Anglican Communion who uphold the primacy and authority of Holy Scripture and the historic faith and order of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.


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