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Monday, November 27, 2006

Bishops Iker and Duncan Have Had Enough "Conversation"

Two leaders among the Anglican Communion Network's bishops have declined to attend a meeting this week called by Bishop Lee of Virginia on the grounds that no concrete proposal for Alternative Primatial Oversight is on the table. The website of the diocese of Pittsburgh has the text of Bishop Jack Leo Iker's letter, which was also written on behalf of Bishop Duncan of Pittsburgh, the Network's Moderator. It may be read here. Some highlights:

Our position has been the same since the last day of our New York meeting back in September. We will not attend another meeting “to continue the conversation” unless there is a specific proposal on the table to provide APO. Apparently this is not the case for next Monday. You speak of a skeleton, but nothing has been shared with either of us. We assume the other side has seen your proposal. ...

We note that David Booth Beers has been quoted in the press as telling the meeting of The Episcopal Majority several days ago that Alternative Primatial Oversight is not going to be provided. The Presiding Bishop’s office has not denied his claim, and we have concluded that she agrees with David’s assertion. ...

We believe the situation has deteriorated significantly in recent weeks with threats of lawsuits against bishops appealing for APO and of declaring “vacant sees.” We note that we are now tagged as “problem dioceses” and that we will continue to be monitored by the property task force headed by Bishop Sauls. We also note that this task force is going to cultivate relationships with persons in our dioceses who oppose the position taken by our diocesan conventions. Such posturing is meant to intimidate us and does not promote dialogue and conversation about the matters before us. I have been advised that legal counsel should accompany me to any future meetings with representatives from 815 or the General Convention.

Should you elect to proceed with your meeting on Monday, please know that you will be in our prayers and that Bob and I wish you good success.


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