"The Preachers chiefly shall take heed that they teach nothing in their preaching, which they would have the people religiously to observe and believe, but that which is agreeable to the Doctrine of the Old Testament and the New, and that which the Catholick Fathers and Ancient Bishops have gathered out of that Doctrine." A proposed canon of Elizabeth I, 1571

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What Kind of Catholic Are You?

The Common Anglican points us toward an amusing quiz: What is your style of American Catholicism? While obviously geared to Roman Catholics, an Anglican Catholic can manage. Not surprisingly, I scored as an "Evangelical Catholic." I have no idea why they think my interpretation of Scripture might not be in line with Catholic teaching, though I freely admit a few places where it may not jibe completely with the Vatican's understanding. I probably should spend more time with the Fathers, though. Who knows what I might have picked up at U of C!? ;-)

You are a Protestant convert, or have been affected by evangelical Protestantism in some way. You love Scripture and incorporate into your daily life. You have a clear vision of Catholic morals and doctrines, and you make great effort to adhere to them. However, your interpretation of Scripture may not be in line with Catholic teaching, and you may not accept legitimate plurality in doctrinal expression. You might want to read the Fathers of the Church and Papal encyclicals to deepen your Catholicism.

Evangelical Catholic
Traditional Catholic
New Catholic
Neo-Conservative Catholic
Radical Catholic
Liberal Catholic
Lukewarm Catholic


Anonymous Oriscus said...

Hmm. This liberal Episcopalian from Austin scored

Traditional Catholic 78%
Liberal Catholic 55%
Radical Catholic 55%
Neo-Conservative Catholic 43%
Evangelical Catholic 29%
Lukewarm Catholic 29%
New Catholic 21%

Interesting for a refugee from the churches-of-Christ!

7:26 PM  
Blogger Bluecookij said...

Another refugee from the churches-of-Christ, although I don't think I am a liberal Episcopalian:

Evangelical Catholic

Radical Catholic

Liberal Catholic

Neo-Conservative Catholic

New Catholic

Traditional Catholic

Lukewarm Catholic

What do you think?

Randall, can't wait to here all about your ordination today!!!!

1:56 PM  

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