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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bishop Iker Welcomes the Consecration of Canon Atwood

This is yet more encouraging news on the re-alignment front. The doom sayers who talk about the woes of further division in North American Anglicanism fail to notice how in sync all the orthodox forces are with this move. (Pardon. Not all the orthodox are applauding. The ACI and its devotees are not pleased, but the train has clearly left the station and it is not on the ACI's track. Hopefully the ACI will now get on board with the actual realignment that is underway and leave their grand but unworkable theories behind.)

Bishop Iker is pleased with Canon Atwood's consecration:

I am delighted with the news today from the Primate of Kenya that my good friend and colleague, Canon Bill Atwood, is to be consecrated as a missionary bishop and will be ministering to those here in the States who have been alienated from The Episcopal Church in recent years. He has the heart of an evangelist and has been the key, pivotal figure in the realignment of worldwide Anglicanism.

The rejection of the Dar es Salaam proposed pastoral scheme by the TEC House of Bishops will lead to further extraordinary efforts such as this to extend episcopal care to faithful Anglicans who believe they have no alternative but to separate from the church they have loved and served for so many years.

God bless Bishop-elect Atwood and this exciting new ministry.

The Rt. Rev. Jack Leo Iker
Bishop of Fort Worth


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