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Monday, July 02, 2007

Pictures from St. Mike's

Father Lee Nelson, one of our worthy faculty last week, has posted some fine pictures of the St. Michael's Youth Conference Southwest. They may be found here. Check them out!

Also, Fr. Matkin has some excellent pictures here.The Last Supper/Institution of the Holy Eucharist scene from the "Pageant of Redemption" at the close of the Conference is above, while the Crucifixion is shown below.

(The top photo is by Fr. Nelson, the bottom two by Fr. Matkin.)

UPDATE: More photos of St. Mike's have been added to the official Conference website. Check them out here.

Below is Communion at the final Mass of the Conference.


Blogger Bobby J. Kennedy said...

I am really glad that you all provide this for the youth. Having been Southern Baptist during my days as a youth, I'd have to say that retreats, mission trips, and conferences did have a big impact on my development. I hope this serves to shape and focus catholic youth for the future of the church.

BTW: Thanks for the book recommendations. I added them to my amazon wish list so I wouldn't forget them.

11:13 PM  
Blogger texanglican said...

It was interesting to me how unlike other "church camps" St. Mike's truly is. Yes, the food is the same as other camps and there was three hours of "free time" in the afternoon for swimming, volleyball, etc. (though by the end of the week many were using that "free time" for preparing their confessions or in spiritual counsel with our priests or their counselors), and at night there was square dancing, a talent show, a "Clue" game,etc.

But the overwhelming sense of the week of DEVOTION to Christ as Lord. Kids who did not come from Catholic backgrounds at all were spending half an hour on their knees in Eucharistic adoration, about 90% made their confessions, and every single one of them took the sacred space of the chapel and their three intensive hours of class per day seriously. I came out of the week exhausted but in very high spirits. As for the kids, I think they all had a good deal of fun and made new friends, but more to the point a large number of the kids were spiritually transformed by the experience--and didn't hesitate to tell us so with tears of joy in their eyes on the last day. Glory to God in the highest!

9:27 AM  
Blogger Bobby J. Kennedy said...

Yeah, I don't remember the last time we had Eucharistic Adoration at a Souther Baptist church camp. It may just be slipping my mind though.

6:52 PM  

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