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Friday, November 16, 2007

Church Times Article on Southern Cone

This article is also interesting. It has some important quotes from Archbishop Venables about the present crisis, and their offer of a safe haven to our diocese and others. Highlights are below (emphasis added).

“We simply told them, if you are going to leave, then we will do our best to receive you in a temporary and pastoral way,” [++Venables] said. “Knowing the Southern Cone’s desire for everyone to be able to stay within the Communion until this situation is in some way or another resolved, the dioceses who are already in close relationship with us discussed the possibility.

“Once people are out of the Anglican Communion, it’s very difficult for them to participate in what’s going to happen. There are so many American groups who have left and lost their status in that way.” Representatives of four US dioceses had gone to Buenos Aires and met with the House of Bishops in mid-August, he confirmed. The Bishops had consequently presented a motion for affiliation to the Synod in Valparaiso last week, which had been overwhelmingly approved.

“We are not going to cross boundaries in this. If [dioceses] want to leave, then they’ve made their decision, and the doors are open — but only those who have taken the steps to walk away from the Episcopal Church,” he emphasised. The three Forward in Faith (FiF) dioceses of Fort Worth, Quincy, and San Joaquin confirmed at the FiF international conference in London last month that conversations about affiliating with an overseas province were “very far along” (News, 26 October).

When asked if it made any difference whether disaffected dioceses joined the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) or the Province of the Southern Cone, Bishop Venables said there was “No difference whatsoever. We just feel we’re here to help, and they decide where they’d like to find a home. People are free to choose. If a decision is to be made, we want it to be an accountable and shared decision that we all make, not just an unravelling that happens because circumstances take it that way.”


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