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Thursday, July 03, 2008

FiFNA Pleased with Outcome of GAFCON

Adding to the list of Anglo-Catholic organizations that have "signed on" to the outcome of GAFCON and the Jerusalem Statement, Forward in Faith-North America has today released a statement praising the conference and its outcome.

FiFNA's statement indicates that the work of the conference was not entirely dominated by the Evangelical wing (as most of the mainstream media's reportage seems to indicate), but that the Catholic face of Anglicanism was represented.

Your deputation had a direct effect on the drafting of GAFCON’s Statement on the Global Anglican Future. Bp. Ackerman and Fr. Tanghe worked with theologian Dr. Edith Humphreys and canonist Fr. Kevin Donlon and others on a small working group on ecclesiology, which submitted a paper to the drafting committee as it prepared its first version of the document. They likewise submitted suggestions for the improvement of that draft, both directly and through the Common Cause gathering, some of which were included in the final version.

All members of FiF NA’s delegation networked during breaks, meals, bus rides and other downtimes, both speaking about the situation in the United States, and presenting the case for the catholic understanding of holy order to the largely evangelical constituency of the GAFCON, including young clergy from Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand and Ireland. Fr. Ilgenfritz’s networking included “significant conversations” with Primates.

These are indeed hopeful times for orthodox Anglicanism. May God tend this vine until it bears much ripe fruit!


Blogger sam said...

Thanks for this note, Father. I'm glad FiF folks were there, and I see how GAFCon would be encouraging to them -- though, with many, I think, in this diocese, I have deep concerns over the arbitrary (and I use that word somewhat technically) elevation of the Articles as a mark of orthodoxy, as well as the apparent dismissal of the see of Canterbury.

I hope that Forward in Faith is able to be a positive presence at Lambeth as well.

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