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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Will Western Louisiana Join the New Province?

There is at least a glimmer of hope that the diocese of Western Louisiana may depart from TEC and join the new Common Cause Partnership-based orthodox Anglican province that will soon be forming. At least that is what one Louisianan participant in GAFCON implies as a possibility in an interview published by blogger Bobby J.Kennedy. The full interview with the Rev. Canon Gregg L. Riley, SSC, may be read here. A couple of excerpts (bold-faced emphasis added by RWF):

BJK: Do you have any reservations or concerns about the outcome of GAFCON, particularly concerning the statement that was issued by the assembly?

GR+: Personally, I do not. I mean, as I said, coming from the Anglo-Catholic wing, and speaking to Bishop Ackerman and Bishop Iker personally, they seemed to be pleased with the outcome. Some SSC brothers who were there said, in essence, we got more than we thought we would get. I don’t know how much more we could have gotten out of GAFCON. A majority of the Communion recognizes the chasm between the orthodox and the revisionists in TEC is so wide it cannot be breached. The split has occurred, and the only alternative is a new Anglican Province. GAFCON gave us that, and to me that was the biggest prize. The new province is not a “what if” but it “is.” I don’t know what more we could have gotten. ...

BJK: What is the next step for the Diocese of Western Louisiana and Grace Church?

GR+: Our Diocesan Convention meets in October and I sit on the executive council of the diocese. The Bishop has told me personally that after Lambeth, the executive council will meet in August. He will then give us his opinion concerning where things are and the options we have for the diocese. It is his desire that IF the diocese chooses to do something that we do it as a whole. I would also prefer that. Being realistic, whatever decision the diocese makes, if we decide to move as a diocese, there will be certain clergy, parishes, and laypeople who will want to remain in TEC. Likewise, if we don’t move as a diocese, there will be clergy, parishes, and lay people who don’t want to stay. That will be a reality after October. The bishop is wise enough, and intelligent enough, to know that is going to happen. No matter what happens at the convention in October, someone will not be happy. There is going to be movement, but the question is where.


Anonymous Jill C. said...

Gosh, I hope so. Then perhaps +Stanton will take a look to his left and a look to his right and see that he's not right to be resting on his laurels!

11:06 PM  
Blogger Bobby J. Kennedy said...

Thanks for the comment and spreading the interview around. It will be an interesting few months coming up.

9:13 AM  

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