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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mass Exodus from the C of E to Rome?

In the midst of the extraordinary fall-out from yesterday's Church of England's Synodal vote to proceed with the consecration of women as bishops without making special provisions to accommodate traditionalists comes this report from the Daily Telegraph of London:

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, the Rt Rev Andrew Burnham, is to lead his fellow Anglo-Catholics from the Church of England into the Roman Catholic Church, the Catholic Herald will reveal this week.

Bishop Burnham, one of two "flying bishops" in the province of Canterbury, has made a statement asking Pope Benedict XVI and the English Catholic bishops for "magnanimous gestures" that will allow traditionalists to become Catholics en masse.

He is confident that this will happen, following talks in Rome with Cardinal Levada, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Cardinal Kasper, the Vatican's head of ecumenism. He was accompanied on his visit by the Rt Rev Keith Newton, Bishop of Richborough, the other Canterbury "flying bishop", who is expected to follow his example.

Bishop Burnham hopes that Rome will offer special arrangements whereby former Anglicans can stay worshipping in parishes under the guidance of a Catholic bishop. Most of these parishes already use the Roman liturgy, but there may be provision for Anglican prayers if churches request it.

Anglican priests who are already married will not be barred from ordination as priests, though Bishop Burnham would not be able to continue in episcopal orders, as he is married and there is an absolute bar on married bishops in the Roman and Orthodox Churches.

UPDATE: Today there are remarks from Bishop Edwin Barnes of The Church Union that make reference to possible help from "our friends in the Roman Communion." Hat tip to Antonio.

FURTHER UPDATE: Bishop Broadhurst of Forward in Faith--UK seems not quite as ready to trot out the "R word." He seems to be urging careful deliberation and no precipitous action. "[N]ow is not quite yet the time for ... drastic gestures, for whatever we do needs its timing to be agreed by us all so that we can act together. Be assured of my commitment to our common life and of my determination to continue to seek a common way forward in faith for all of us."


Anonymous Brian Edward Miles said...

Hello Fr. Randall,

Brian, here, your fellow DDH and U of C alumunus! What do you think of all this? You may have heard through the grapevine that I'm Catholic now, and will actually begin seminary this fall en route to the priesthood (Lord willing, of course). Any chance, in light of all this and your own Anglo-Catholic sentiments, that you might one day join us on this side of the Tiber? God bless you friend, I think of you often and fondly.

7:31 PM  
Blogger texanglican said...

Hello, Brian! Great to hear from you. And on the way to seminary and the priesthood? Marvelous!

As for me and "swimming the Tiber," I'm afraid I can't see that happening in the near future. My own beliefs regarding the papacy (esp. infallibility) preclude that at present. I do have some real hope,however, that if Rome and Eastern Orthodoxy can heal their breach that I can follow along in their wake.

Something of my own thoughts may be found in these old posts, which unfortunately do have a bit stronger polemical tone that I would use today (please forgive that, my friend):



I certainly appreciate the attraction of Roman Catholicism, Brian. And I admire the Roman Catholic tradition and Pope Benedict very much. But as things stand now, if I became convinced that there was no hope for traditional Anglicanism at all, it would be the Bosporos that would call to me, not the Tiber. Still, I yearn for full, visible reunion between Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, and traditonalist Anglicans.

Thanks for stopping by, Brian, and may God bless your studies and your ministries richly!

8:22 PM  
Blogger texanglican said...

BTW, Brian, would you mind emailing me? I would like to catch up better with you. My email is texanglican@tx.rr.com

9:56 PM  
Blogger Antonio said...

And today, we also have Bishop Edwin Barnes speaking about "friends in the Roman Communion":


I don't know what "The Church Union" is, but it seems to me that something is really happening.

12:04 PM  

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