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Friday, February 20, 2009

The "A Team" Chapel Crew at St. Vincent's School

For the second time since I became chaplain at St. Vincent's School I have added a team of student acolytes to our "Wall of Honor." These are students who happily volunteer their time to insure that our daily worship at the school pays as much honor as possible to the King of Kings. While every student in the middle school must serve on chapel crew at some point in each term, these students serve "above and beyond the call of duty" as readers, crucifers, torchbearers, and acolytes at our daily morning prayer services and monthly Eucharists.

The newly-honored "A Team" includes (front row, left to right) Esther C., Allie B., Tory T., Matt J., and Kristin H., as well as (second row) Jordan W., Maren M., Rachel M., Stephanie C., and Bailey J., pictured above after this morning's school Eucharist. Thank you, my brother and sisters. It is a privilege to serve at the Lord's Holy Table with you. I am grateful for your frequent assistance in leading the worship of our SVS community.

Fr. Davidson Morse of St. Andrew's in downtown Fort Worth frequently assists us in chapel, as do our lay ministers, Ken Monk and Neil Rogers, who are also pictured above. Thanks very much for your help as well, gentlemen.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The crew" looks lovely and polished and I am sure they do a superb job in the daily service of our Lord.

However, care has not been taken in the choosing of the patch on the blazers of a couple of the participants. I notice that the shield of The Episcopal Church is prominently displayed on the blazers. Perhaps most people would not notice, but this small detail will have to be addressed at some point. You claim you are no longer a member of The Episcopal Church, yet your students are wearing the shield of The Episcopal Church on their uniform. Oh Dear, that does not seem like quite the message I understand you are attempting to convey.

10:07 PM  
Blogger texanglican said...

Eventually, no doubt, we will change to patches. The word "Episcopal" used to appear on the vertical red beam of the cross in the center of the shield, but that was take out when the formal name of the school was changed from St Vincent's Episcopal School to St Vincent's Cathedral School in 2004 (following the Robinson debacle). ACNA doesn't yet have a formal logo or shield, but when it does I am sure our school shield will be altered to reflect it. But we do allow students who can still fit into them wear old blazers until they are too small, so the new patch will no doubt be phased in over a couple of years.

Thanks for taking the time to look at the photo so carefully.

And, yes, they are delightful youngsters with servant hearts. God bless!

8:44 AM  

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