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Saturday, November 07, 2009

DioFort Worth Makes It Official--We have acceded to the Constitution and Canons of the ACNA and endorsed the Anglican Covenant

When the gavel fell bringing our 27th diocesan convention to an end about an hour ago the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth officially became a full member of the Anglican Church of North America, ending the de facto "provisional" member status we have had in ACNA since its Inaugural Assembly last June here at St. Vincent's Cathedral.

By a unanimous voice vote the convention committed us "to continued participation in the development of the Anglican Church in North America, acceding to the Constitution and Canons thereof during this process." At the same time, our diocese will also maintain "its status as a member diocese in the Province of the Southern Cone while the formal process of recognition of this new province continues in the Anglican Communion."

We also unanimously expressed our "readiness to adopt the proposed Anglican Communion Covenant (Ridley Cambridge Draft)" and our "solidarity with the Provincial Council of the Anglican Church in North America and the Communion Partner Bishops in North America in the hope that individual dioceses and other churches [Covenant 4.1.5] be encouraged to adopt the Anglican Covenant."

By another unanimous voice vote we also declared that we share "Metropolitan Jonah’s vision 'to live, to actualize, and to participate in the full integrity of the Catholic Church—the full integrity of Orthodox Catholicism,'" and communicated to "Metropolitan Jonah and the Orthodox Church in America [our] desire to work toward that full, visible, and sacramental unity that the Lord Jesus Christ desires in his prayer that 'they all may be one.'"

Finally, we also expressed our "deep gratitude" to Pope Benedict XVI for "his willingness to achieve full communion with Anglicans" and urged members of our diocese to study prayerfully his soon-to-be-released Apostolic Constitution on reception of Anglicans into the Roman Catholic Church.

The full texts of the resolutions may be found by clicking the title of this blog entry. All of these resolutions were adopted without modification by unanimous voice vote.

Archbishop Dimitri of the Orthodox Church of America (pictured below with Bishop Iker--photo by S. Gill) brought us fraternal greetings on behalf of Metropolitan Jonah. He was warmly received, as was the representative of the Roman Catholic diocese.


Anonymous Julian said...


11:17 PM  
Blogger Robin_G_Jordan said...


"...to continued participation in the development of the Anglican Church in North America, acceding to the Constitution and Canons thereof during this process."

What does that exactly mean?

Sounds like Fort Worth is saying, "we'll go along with the constitution and canons for now while making a serious effort to move the ACNA in a more Catholic direction."

12:13 PM  
Blogger texanglican said...

Robin, while I am in little doubt that many of my colleagues here in FW would like to see ACNA "move in a more Catholic direction," I don't think THAT is the continuing "process" that this resolution really is referring to.

Let's face it, the 800 lbs gorilla in the ACNA room is the question of the ordination of women to the presbyterate. And that is really not a traditional "Catholic" vs. "Evangelical" issue these days, is it? I know of many on the more Reformed end of the Anglican spectrum (Sydney) who are as dead set against female presbyters as are the most ardent traditionalist Anglo-Catholics, and some folks who are as "high" as you can get on the Smells-and-Bells meter but are fine with female priests.

I suspect the drafters of this resolution feared that there might be some here in FW who would oppose joining ACNA at all unless there was at least a hint that our membership could one day be re-examined if ACNA ever came out staunchly in favor of an aggressively pro-WO posture. I will bet that the "certainly theological differences" referred to in the second "whereas" line really were a reference to diverse views on WO, not disputes over the Real Presence, baptismal regeneration, or the indellible nature of priestly ordination!

Fear not, I have seen no hint that there is some sort of grand conspiracy here in Fort Worth to make ACNA a bastion of Anglo-Catholicism. (Most of the Anglo-Catholic types here in FW will be content simply to be left alone. Honest!) ACNA will end up having, I suspect, a fairly broad cross-section of contemporary Anglicanism in North America within its bounds. One big, happy family.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Fr. John Slavin said...

Father, I agree. I think the ACNA is pretty much the best thing going right now. I have high hopes for it. I for one am glad we are members! I came from the continuing church movement so I am VERY happy about the ACNA. I think ACNA should learn from the continuing churches mistake of spliting up over issues that CAN and MUST be worked out together.

God bless

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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