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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Brethren

The photo above was taken at the end of our diocesan silent clergy retreat at the Montserat Jesuit Retreat Center last week. The photo portrays most of the priests in the diocese of Fort Worth (ACNA). I'm the chap standing behind Bishop William Wantland. Standing on Bishop Iker's right is Fr. Houlding of the SSC, who was our retreat conductor. He gave a series of reflections the Lord's Prayer before or after each of our worship services (we worshiped in the chapel five times each day). I found these talks to be quite good, and much fruitful thought was provoked by them.

I must admit that, in addition to quiet prayer time, I used the extended period of silence to continue my recent reading binge on Anglo-Saxon England and the Viking Age. But somehow reading Beowulf seemed to fit the time well!


Blogger Edwin said...

Your blog brought back happy memories of a similar Retreat in which I was involved - a few years back.. Then one of the brethren had a telescope and some of us considered His handiwork as we looked at the stars and planets in that clear Texas sky. Wonderful!Greetings to the Brethren.
+Edwin SSC

5:57 AM  
Blogger Robin G. Jordan said...

Just a reminder, Randall.

The New Testament only recognizes one "brethren"--those who have trusted in Jesus Christ for their salvation and follow him as their Lord and Master.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Texanglican (R.W. Foster+) said...

Exactly, sir. I have no doubt all of these men have done so!

BTW, I am not SSC, if anyone cares. (I don't really qualify as "Anglo-Catholic," nor do I share the hopes for immediate reunion with Rome that many of our local SSC priests possess). But even so, I still found Fr. Houldings reflections to be very helpful.

12:14 PM  
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