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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bishop Iker Addresses the Future with Clarity

God bless Bishop Iker. This godly man speaks with stunning clarity, unlike most of the bishops of the Episcopal church. Please listen to his address to Forward in Faith in the U.K. (hat tip to Midwest Conservative Journal). In it Bishop Iker lays out our future course in the diocese of Fort Worth and the Common Cause Partnership. Even those who do not agree with him on every point (such as the ordination of women to the presbyterate) cannot doubt his honesty and integrity in speaking clearly and not "hiding his cards under the table." This is a very important address.

A full transcript is available at Stand Firm.


Anonymous Jill C. said...

Can we move to your diocese?

I listened to Bishop Iker's report earlier today. (Also listened to the Scottish FIF representative just to hear his accent!)

We live in interesting times to say the least.

10:40 PM  

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