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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Diocese of Fort Worth Responds to the Rump Diocese's Demands for All of Our Property

March 10, 2009

Ms. Kathleen Wells
Taylor, Olson, Adkins, Sralla & Elam, LLP
6000 Western Place, Suite 2001-30 at Bryant lrvin Road
Fort Worth, Texas 76107-4654

Re: Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth property transition

Dear Ms. Wells:

I represent Bishop Iker. We acknowledge receipt of the letter delivered by you to Chancellor William T. McGee and thank you for your communication. Regrettably, the ambiguity of your letter prevents any manner of meaningful response. If the letter's purpose (as your concurrent "press release" seems to indicate) is to arrogate (then publicize) an agenda for property confiscation that would contravene the expressed wishes of the vast majority of this Diocese, then I fear that there is little we can discuss. On the other hand, if the letter intends to initiate a considerate and devout resolution of property issues between well-meaning Christian brethren, then we welcome (as we always have) a virtuous and dignified discussion of the achievement of that goal.

We shall look forward to your clarification.

Very truly yours,

Marshall M. Searcy, Jr.

Hat tip to Stand Firm, which has posted the PDF of the letter.

Mr. Searcy is a highly experienced trial lawyer and I feel very confident knowing that he is handling our diocese's "great matter." His CV may be found here. Give it a read.


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