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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The New Paganism at Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver

Having just completed a course on "Christianity and Eastern Religions" at St. Vincent's, I couldn't help but notice what Mr. Fox is up to now (thanks to titusonenine). He will help the good people of Canada "dance their divine sparks into Flames" and "revive their Earth Spirit Connection." (Would that be more Taoism or Shinto?) His Cosmic Mass seems a perfect manifestion of what Peter Kreeft has called "the new paganism." Of course, the fact that it is happening at an Anglican cathedral will surprise no one. Posted by Hello


Anonymous Me said...

I'm just old enough to remember the sixties and this reminds me of the kind of garbage that went on back then. Sigh, do we really have to relive the experimental nonsense of that era all over again?

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Blogger FrRon said...


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