"The Preachers chiefly shall take heed that they teach nothing in their preaching, which they would have the people religiously to observe and believe, but that which is agreeable to the Doctrine of the Old Testament and the New, and that which the Catholick Fathers and Ancient Bishops have gathered out of that Doctrine." A proposed canon of Elizabeth I, 1571

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I am a presbyter in the diocese of Fort Worth, Texas (Anglican Church in North America). I serve as Chaplain at St. Vincent's School and as a canon of St. Vincent's Cathedral Church in Bedford, Texas. In addition to my parish duties and teaching Religion classes in the school I am also the Middle School Social Studies teacher.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Tagged Again

Well, I was tagged yet again, this time by Meam Commemorationem. This questionnaire is one that I have seen several times before, and I fear that most of the people I would tag myself have already posted it. Therefore I will hold off on tagging anyone after me (which probably will bring a curse down on me or something, right?). I'm afraid my answers are not that interesting. I live a quiet life, after all. Any way, here goes:

4 jobs you have had in your life:

T.A. for American History
Oil & gas lawyer
Campus ministry intern
Middle school teacher

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:

The Mission
The Seventh Seal
Quo Vadis

4 Places You Have Lived:

Bedford, Texas
Houston, Texas
Midland, Texas
Chicago, Illinois

4 TV Shows You Love To Watch:

Battlestar Galactica (the new one)
Desperate Housewives (So sue me--its funny!)
History Detectives (PBS)
The American Experience (PBS)

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation:

Goettingen, Germany
Ephesus, Turkey
Nikko, Japan
Sydney, Australia

4 Websites You Visit Daily:

All Too Common
Worker in the Vineyard
Canterbury Tales

4 Of Your Favorite Foods:

Chicken Fried Steaks
Beef Burritos
Chocolate Fudge
Hamburger Pizza

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:


As I said, not terribly interesting. Ho hum. Have a nice day.


Blogger Derek the ├ćnglican said...

I loved Nikko!

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