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Monday, February 19, 2007

More Disappointing News from Tanzania

We are in the final minutes or hours until the final communique will be released from the Dar es Salaam Primates' meeting. But much of the news that has leaked out over the last few days cannot cheer orthodox Anglicans. On Thursday a report of the sub-committee of the Primates astonishingly found that TEC was "Windsor compliant" in most respects (and another resolution of the House of Bishops on same-sex blessings would apparently make TEC totally compliant). Now today's first bit of news is another blow. The deeply heterodox Presiding Bishop of TEC, Katharine Jefferts Schori, has been appointed to the policy making Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion. She will be one of the three liberal Primates on the SC, outnumbering the two orthodox Primates. Read the story from Ruth Gledhill of the Times of London here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To quote an old Original Star Trek episode (AMOK TIME),"I grieve with thee".
You really didn't believe anything good would come out of this meeting did you?
The Anlican Communion is on a suicide
mission. Although I never officially be-
came Episcopalian or Anglican, I learned so much from the orthodox catholics and even a few evangelicals back in the day
(pre 1976).
Now the question still remains, will the Global South split and form a continuing alternate Anglican Communion?
I think not. Where does that leave all of you who still remain in TEC? I think it is obvious that you will have to submit or leave. Deep sadness that it is ending with a wimper.Pray for a miracle.

Matthew the Curmudgeon

10:37 AM  
Blogger APBIDDLE said...

While I certainly would like to see a faithful Anglican Communion, under a resolute +++ABC, gently but firmly apply corrective actions to TEC, that always seemed an unreasonable expectation. There is just too much institutional reluctance to take strong action.

A parallel would be dealing with a faculty member in a department who treats his graduate students poorly, or is simply a poor adviser. The other faculty members know this, and will acknowledge it in private, but recoil in horror if someone suggests taking any action. They will usually talk about academic freedom, but there is the concern that the next time, someone will be telling them how to run their group.

While no longer a member of TEC, I still have hopes, for the wider Anglican Communion of which I am still part, that a viable 2nd Province, or something functionally equivalent, may still emerge. The fact that the final press conference is being delayed due to a lack of agreement at least admits of that possibility. And what a slender reed that is to grasp.


11:10 AM  

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