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Monday, February 19, 2007

More of the Same from Tanzania

Well, it appears that it will be 3PM Central time before the press conference will be held in Dar es Salaam (if it happens at all--the Primates are on their dinner break now). In the meantime, the draft Anglican Covenant has been posted. Read it and the comments at Stand Firm.

This Covenant will do nothing to help the orthodox who still remain within TEC. It is an astonishingly weak document with which the leadership at 815 must be overjoyed. There is little of substance in it, and what substance there is will undoubtedly be open to wide interpretation on a provincial basis. In the unlikely event that some future event happens that many other provinces believe should require serious discipline at the Communion level (and since recent events in the US apparently don't qualify, I don't want to even imagine what those future grave errors might be) then the very same primates who have endorsed the recent actions of TEC's leaders as mostly "Windsor compliant" and who have promoted PB Schori to the Communion's Standing Committee will pass judgement on the alleged offense. In short, this is shaping up to be a complete victory for the theological Left within the Communion. Frankly, all that remains to be seen is if any of the Global South Primates will walk away at the last minute rather than sign the unanimous communique sometime before midnight.

Will Dar es Salaam be remembered as the event that clearly marked Anglicanism as just another form of liberal Protestantism (albeit one that temporarily still allows a "local option" for orthodoxy in some parts of the world)? It is very hard for me not to slip into despair at the moment. But let us remember the awesome power of the One we serve. His will be done.


Anonymous Retropalian said...

His will be done indeed.

Which "his"? I cannot and will not accept that God desires that a church of his son's be one that refutes his own son!

To me, this clearly a sign of the darkness that owns and runs TEC and the Angl. Communion.

2:56 PM  

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