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I am a presbyter in the diocese of Fort Worth, Texas (Anglican Church in North America). I serve as Chaplain at St. Vincent's School and as a canon of St. Vincent's Cathedral Church in Bedford, Texas. In addition to my parish duties and teaching Religion classes in the school I am also the Middle School Social Studies teacher.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Day of Firsts in My Priestly Ministry

This Christ the King Sunday I served as preacher and celebrant at St. John's Church in Brownwood, the westernmost city in our diocese (approximately 150 miles southwest of Fort Worth). The people of St. John's were most welcoming and gracious, and Deacon Banks was especially helpful to this "newbie" priest. Many thanks to them all. The sermon I preached may be found here. (My father, Randy, went with me on the trip to Brownwood and took these lovely pictures.)
The church building is a beautiful example of the late Victorian neo-Gothic found throughout Texas. The first Eucharist of the day was celebrated according to the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. It was the first such '28 Prayer Book Eucharist I had ever even attended, let alone celebrated!
Then tonight I performed the first baptism of my ministry as a priest. Audrey is a lovely 87-year old lady who is my mother's roommate at her nursing home here in the Mid-Cities. I have been talking with her about the faith for about a month. Late last week she expressed a desire to be baptized. And tonight she was, in her bed at the home, surrounded by her family. It was a marvelous experience. May God bless Audrey in her walk with Christ.


Blogger Father Nelson said...

Father, congrats on your first baptism. I, too was privileged to baptize an adult first. But, you! Such a wonderful story. Be sure to welcome Audrey to the Body of Christ for me! Also - your mother is in my continued prayers.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deo Gratis!

BigTex AC

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Deacon Patricia Banks was at St. John's. Guess there has been a change? She was on a walker at convention.

6:31 PM  
Blogger texanglican said...

You are right! I misremembered her name. It was Deacon Banks who was so helpful to me! Sorry. She is now in a walking cast. And I gather her recovery from a foot injury is going well and she should be fully mobile soon.

8:34 PM  
Blogger MM said...


Congratulations- what a moving story. How beautiful, and what a privilege.

(I got to perform an emergency baptism for a Yale professor in 2005, under the direction of Fr. D at St. Matthias'. I remember feeling like I had done it all at that moment.)

9:40 AM  
Blogger Devon W said...

Well that is quite a first, indeed! How exciting. You know, I recently had my own first baptism not too long ago. . .

All jokes aside, it's wonderful news to hear that you were able to touch someone's life in that way. Again. You seem to be on a roll, Father.

Know that you, your father and your mother are all in my prayers.

2:50 AM  
Blogger J. Gordon Anderson said...

That's a nice looking chasuble.

What a joy to baptize an adult for your first baptism. Mine was twin boys!

How did you like the 1928 BCP liturgy compared to what you are used to using??

3:54 PM  
Blogger wyclif said...

God bless your ministry, Fr. Foster!

1:55 AM  

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