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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Most of the Anglican Communion Rejects TEC's Response

According to George Conger and The Church of England Newspaper, a two-thirds majority of the provinces of the world-wide Anglican Communion has rejected the Episcopal Church's House of Bishops' response to the requests made of them by the Primates at Dar-es-Salaam as inadequate.

One highlight of Fr. Conger's report (boldfaced highlight added):

Of the 38 primates, including the Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, Lambeth Palace reported it had received 26 responses, and no reply from 12. Of the 26, 12 stated they could accept the JSC’s findings, 12 stated they rejected the JSC’s findings, while three offered a mixed verdict, and one said it was continuing to review the matter. Of those who had not responded, three were from Africa, three from the Indian subcontinent, two from Central and South America, and four from other areas. However, based on past statements from the African and South Asian provinces, the majority reporting a mixed or negative response will be increased to roughly a two third’s margin once their views are communicated to London.

Read the full report here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's wait until the votes are in before we speculate about them. Here is the current report from the website of the Anglican Communion News Service itself, which is somewhat different from what you report, namely in that some of the Bishops votes you count in the "overwhelming majority" have not spoken oficially on the matter. I'm sure YOU do not like it when others put words in YOUR mouth by saying you will vote on something when they do not have the foggiest idea of your opinion. Here are the current facts. We'll see what happens. Don't jump the gun.

To date (6 November 2007), the Archbishop has received 26 responses from Primates, with no reply from 12 Provinces.

Agree 12
Disagree 10
Mixed Response 3
Will Respond after Wider Consultation 1
No Reply 12

The Provinces where a response has not yet been received can be categorised as follows:
CAPA Provinces (3) – the Archbishop of Central Africa retired in September, and the primacy is vacant at present. The (retired) Archbishop of Central Africa was a signatory of the recent CAPA communiqué, as were the Provincial representatives from the two remaining CAPA Provinces where a reply has not yet been received (the Archbishop of Sudan is currently in hospital, and is due to retire at the end of this year).
South and Central American Provinces (2)
United Churches (3)
Other Provinces (4) although the Primate of one of these is on the JSC.
Many of the Primates have consulted widely, with their House of Bishops or at General Synod. A number intend to do so at the next meeting of their House of Bishops. A few have commented that in the time available, they were not able to consult as widely as they would have wished.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Conger's article has now been revised. Here is the link to the new article

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